Specialty Networks

Rockport recognizes clients having specific and individual needs based on their business model, state requirements or custom programs they offer in the market. Rockport works closely with its clients to create specific solutions that meet those needs in the market.

Single Specialty Networks

ADIN Healthcare’s premier diagnostic imaging network and scheduling service are designed to help clients maximize savings. ADIN’s network of full-service, freestanding imaging facilities provides excellent coverage at rates well below state fee schedules, or usual and customary rates. Proprietary imaging guidelines are built into their software to ensure only the most appropriate and cost-effective test is performed. The ADIN network provides contracted imaging facilities within a comfortable driving distance for over 80% of the U.S. population.

Certified Networks

Rockport has a national network of providers contracted for rendering services to injured employees. Our national workers’ compensation network is known as Rockport United Network. Within Rockport United Network is a select group of practitioners who are eligible to provide care to injured workers based on their geographic locations, primary specialties, and/or meeting state agency requirements. These fully credentialed practitioners are included in the Rockport SelectHealth Network.
Rockport is certified in multiple states and continues to expand its certified network offering throughout the country. Depending on individual state requirements, Rockport will certify its network as a stand alone product or we partner with our clients.



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