Network Development / Provider Relations

The Network development team that forged a relationship with you during your decision to participate in Rockport United Network, is always available to assist you with current updates or provider relation matters. You may contact them at their email address or ask for Network Development Team at (800) 734-4460.


Within Rockport United Network is a select group of practitioners who are eligible for credentialing based on their primary specialty and geographic location. Rockport SelectHealth NetworkSM is our fully credentialed product that meets URAC guidelines. Should you need information on our credentialing program or wish to update us on your information, please email us at:

Provider Reimbursement Issues

If you need assistance regarding a payment or EOB issue that indicates Rockport's name as the network, please contact our Provider Services Team at (800) 635-9810 or you may email Please ensure to have your EOB available to fax to our Provider Services Team to better assist you.

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