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Rockport is content to be the best at what we do – build and operate provider networks for work-related injuries and illnesses. Our singular direction allows us to dedicate our time to our clients, customers and providers. By applying 100% of our energy and resources to network development and management of provider information, not only insurance companies and employers, but third party administrators and managed care organizations can benefit by working with Rockport as partners in reducing the cost of workers’ compensation claims.

Unparalleled PPO Savings

Rockport achieves high penetration rates and maximum savings via our philosophy of contracting combined with provider modeling. Rockport’s unique approach towards our network development strategy allows us to contract those providers receiving the majority of the workers’ compensation medical dollars and those providers receiving referrals from our clients.

Consolidated Network Platform

In addition to our internal network development team, Rockport has identified and contracted network strategic alliances with strong state and regional PPOs. Our network partner’s resources, combined with our own network development team’s efforts, have created and built Rockport United Network to over 500,000 providers nationwide.

Advanced Provider Data Management – Custom Interfaces

  • PPO Electronic Bridges (Bridgeport) - Custom built to meet each client’s unique requirements with guaranteed turnaround.
  • Security - Secure environment with firewalls in place to prevent unauthorized access to client’s data and/or system.
  • PPO Repricing System - Proprietary “state of the art” workers’ compensation repricing engine operated in an automated batch bill environment.
  • Credentialing Interface - Assists our credentialing team with the on-going needs and maintenance for certification of our network in multiple states.
  • Tracking & Reporting - A proprietary network development tracking and reporting interface allows our team to manage client, provider nominations and reporting current status through the development stages.

Custom Builds & Difficult Finds

Although Rockport has significant provider depth of coverage throughout the country, we realize clients have particular needs in under-served markets that require an experienced team of network development staff to custom build a particular area or specialty.



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