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“Demonstrate, educate and offer – each client and their customer – referral products and services that encourage, enable and guide their injured workers’ to our providers. Our commitment to our clients and providers serving work related injuries and illnesses"

Provider Referrals & Difficult Finds

Rockport’s dedicated staff can offer our provider search service through our toll free number (800) 734-4460 to locate a provider near the injured employee. Our service is based on “informed choice”, with our client service representative providing the caller several convenient choices of providers. If a nurse case manager or adjuster prefers, Client Services has a dedicated e-mail address ( to receive and provide referral requests. Should a client desire to perform this service from their offices, Rockport has developed a web-based provider referral search tool…

Web Provider Search Tool - NethealthWorks

Rockport understands the importance of quickly locating a quality medical provider to treat an injured employee. We also realize each client or customer having different systems and/or resources available to identify network providers. Rockport recognized the need in the market to develop a web-based provider search tool designed specifically to meet nurse case managers and adjusters with injured employee referral needs. Our provider search tool is in a secured environment with zip code distance search, city or county capabilities. Our website technicians incorporated specialty groupings to allow ease of searching multiple specialties with a single search. One of the unique functions of the web tool is the ability to generate a pdf preview of the search performed which can be printed, faxed and/or e-mailed.

Site Specific Provider Panels

Rockport’s team has been successful in providing our client and customers with Site Specific Provider Panels that can be located at the employer's work-site. Based on the state, # of locations, industry type and # of employees, Rockport can provide a choice of Primary Treating Physicians/Clinics (PTPs) available within a close proximity of the actual work-site. In addition to providing primary care locations, Rockport will include a General Acute Care Hospital for emergencies and after-hour coverage for point of injury needs.

Rockport’s Client Services team is dedicated to assist our clients and customers with provider referral products and services. Our team spends, one on one, time with our client or customer, to establish their specific needs and the process, layout and composition of the Site Specific Provider Panels.

If you want to discuss our services in further detail, discuss with your account manager or contact Client Services at (800) 734-4460.

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